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Kitchen operations: QC Cutcam for Pizza and more

Cutting-Edge Features of CutCam

CutCam revolutionises food preparation for pizza, kebabs, tacos and more. Utilising motion detection and a 99% accurate Object Detection Algorithm, it ensures superior quality monitoring. Key features like remote camera management and daily automated reports make CutCam a game-changer in culinary quality assurance.

Independent Quality Solution

Independent Quality Solution

CutCam, operational in 900+ stores, offers an independent solution for pizza quality control, using real-time image processing with 99% accuracy.

Daily Image Reports

Daily Image Reports

Clients receive daily emails with 15 random pizza images from the previous day, ensuring consistent quality monitoring.

Remote Management

Remote Management

Cut Cam On Demand App gives you remote management via mobile phone or desktop PC/laptop to the cameras and double as security cameras, offering dual benefits of quality control and security.

Quality Decision Support

Quality Decision Support

With an advanced algorithm, CutCam assesses pizza quality, aiding decision-making about selling or remaking based on crust condition.

Operational Efficiency

Operational Efficiency

CutCam allows clients to remotely view live streams of cut bench, take snapshots, and request real-time reports, enhancing operational management.

Interactive Quality Rating

Interactive Quality Rating

The CutCam platform enables clients to easily rate pizza quality, offering a straightforward approach to assessing product standards.

Efficient Quality Monitoring with CutCam

Efficient Quality Monitoring

CutCam automates the quality monitoring process with its high-resolution imaging and object detection technology, significantly reducing manual inspection time while ensuring consistent pizza quality.

Enhanced Operational Decision-Making

With its capability to assess pizza quality based on crust condition, CutCam provides critical data that aids in decision-making, enhancing overall kitchen efficiency and product consistency.

Enhanced Operational Decision-Making via CutCam
CutCam - Versatile Operational Tool

Versatile Operational Tool

CutCam’s remote management not only streamlines quality control but also serves as an additional security feature, offering multifunctional benefits to enhance both safety and operational standards.

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Explore frequently asked questions about CutCam to better understand its features and benefits.

The main purpose of CutCam in pizza quality control is to ensure consistent and high-quality pizza production. It achieves this by capturing and analysing images of pizzas using advanced object detection technology to assess their quality in real-time, thus maintaining high standards and customer satisfaction.

CutCam’s Object Detection Algorithm works by using motion detection to capture images on the cut bench, which are then analysed in real-time. The algorithm has a 99% accuracy rate in detecting pizzas and assesses their quality based on predefined criteria, such as crust quality, ensuring consistent pizza quality.

Yes, CutCam is designed to be compatible with existing restaurant management systems. Its integration capabilities allow for seamless data flow and communication between CutCam and other restaurant systems, enhancing operational efficiency.

CutCam provides clients with daily email reports at 9 am that include a random selection of 15 pizza images from the previous day’s trade. These reports offer insights into the quality of pizzas produced, aiding in quality control and management.

Remote camera management in CutCam enhances restaurant operations by allowing off-site configuration changes and maintenance, saving time and resources. It also doubles as a security feature outside trading hours, adding an extra layer of safety and operational control.

CutCam’s data aids in improving kitchen efficiency by providing actionable insights into the quality of pizzas produced. This information helps kitchen staff adjust cooking methods and processes as needed, reducing waste, improving product consistency, and ultimately streamlining kitchen operations.

Specifications and features

Discover the key features of CutCam, designed for advanced pizza quality control. Below are the core elements that make CutCam an innovative solution in the culinary industry.

99% Accurate Object Detection

High precision pizza analysis.

Motion Detection Technology

Automatic image capture.

Real-Time Image Processing

Instant image analysis.

Daily Automated Email Reports

Quality check emails.

Remote Camera Management

Off-site control.

Quality Rating Platform

Online pizza rating.

Live Stream and Snapshot Capabilities

Real-time cut bench view.

Unparalleled Quality Assurance

CutCam's advanced technology ensures the highest standard in pizza quality, providing consistent customer satisfaction and enhancing brand reputation.

Operational Efficiency and Security

With features like remote management and live streaming, CutCam not only boosts kitchen efficiency but also doubles as a security measure, offering comprehensive operational control.

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