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Effortless Engagement: How Managed SMS Elevates Your Customer Interaction. Data-Driven Decisions: Leveraging SMS Analytics for Business Growth.

Managed Bulk SMS marketing

Cutting-Edge SMS Capabilities

Discover the power of our managed SMS services, featuring a cloud-based platform for unmatched reliability and performance. Key features include flexible HTTP request actions, personalised SMS content, options for immediate or scheduled messaging, and detailed delivery reports. With the capacity to handle large-scale messaging effortlessly, our service is tailored for dynamic, efficient communication.

Dedicated Account Management

Dedicated Account Management

Customers receive personalised support with a dedicated account manager, ensuring tailored solutions and prompt assistance.

Dedicated Support and Smooth Onboarding

Full Test Platform and Onboarding Support

This service includes a comprehensive test platform and developer support during onboarding, simplifying the integration process.

Comprehensive API Documentation

Comprehensive API Documentation

Detailed API documentation with sample JSON is provided, making it easier for developers to understand and use the API.

24-Hour Support and Multiple Tier 1 Suppliers

24-Hour Support and Multiple Tier 1 Suppliers

Clients benefit from round-the-clock support and access to multiple top-tier suppliers, ensuring reliability and quality of service.

SLA Guarantee for Uptime and Regular Reporting

SLA Guarantee for Uptime and Regular Reporting

A Service Level Agreement guarantees high uptime, and regular reporting keeps clients informed about their SMS activities.

Data Security and Compliance

Data Security and Compliance

The service adheres to stringent data protection standards, including GDPR compliance, ensuring customer data is handled securely.

Comprehensive Managed SMS Support and Reliability

Comprehensive Support and Reliability

Enjoy peace of mind with our Managed SMS service, which includes a dedicated account manager, 24-hour support, and multiple Tier 1 suppliers. Our robust Service Level Agreement (SLA) guarantees 99.999% (5 9’s) uptime, ensuring that your messaging services are always reliable and available when you need them.

The simplicity of text messaging allows for clear, prompt communication, streamlining engagement with audiences, making it a valuable asset in a marketing strategy.

Enhanced Data Security

Data security is a top priority in our Managed SMS services. We adhere to strict data protection standards, including GDPR compliance, and provide regular penetration testing, data retention based on your requirements, and storage protocols tailored to country/region-specific laws. Trust us to handle your customer data with the utmost care and compliance.

Through refined contact management, businesses can foster stronger relationships with their audience, promoting loyalty and retention.

Enhanced Data Security - SMS data storage
Bulk SMS - High Engagement and Responsiveness

High Engagement and Responsiveness

Leverage the power of SMS marketing, which boasts a 98% open rate, significantly higher than email marketing. Our Managed SMS service ensures that your messages are read quickly, with 60% of customers reading texts within 1-5 minutes. This immediacy and high engagement level make SMS an essential tool for modern marketing strategies.

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The most effective form of Direct Marketing

SMS is unparalleled in the direct marketing landscape. With unmatched response times and global reach, SMS marketing delivers impactful results every time.

Average response time

90 secs

The average time it takes to respond to an SMS text, compared to 90 minutes for email.

SMS Read time


SMS messages are read 
within the first 5 seconds.

SMS users


People around the world can send and receive SMS messages.

SMS response rates


Average response rates for SMS marketing.


Got questions about our Managed SMS services? Our FAQs section is here to help. Find quick answers to common queries and gain insights into how Managed SMS can benefit your business.

Our managed SMS services are ideal for a wide range of businesses, including retail, healthcare, finance, education, and more. Any organisation looking to improve customer engagement and communication efficiency can benefit from our services.

We offer a competitive tiered pricing model that is designed to suit businesses of different sizes and messaging volumes. Pricing varies based on the service tier chosen, ensuring affordability and scalability.

Yes, our SMS service is designed to seamlessly integrate with various CRM and marketing automation tools. This integration capability allows for streamlined workflows and enhanced communication strategies.

We prioritise data security by adhering to GDPR compliance and implementing rigorous data protection measures, including regular penetration testing, country/region-specific data storage protocols, and Cyber Essentials+ accreditation.

Our service guarantees a 99.999% uptime, backed by a robust Service Level Agreement (SLA). We ensure reliable message delivery through our cloud-based platform with load balancing and failover systems.

Absolutely! Our service supports customisable placeholders in SMS messages, allowing you to personalise messages with details like names, dates, and times to enhance customer engagement.

and features

Explore the core capabilities of our Managed SMS Service, designed for efficiency and impact. Here are the key features that set our service apart:

Cloud-Based Platform

High reliability and performance for consistent message delivery.

Multi-Channel Integration

Seamlessly connects with CRM and marketing tools.

Customisable SMS Content

Personalise messages for greater relevance.

High-Throughput Capability

Ideal for large-scale SMS campaigns.

Real-Time Delivery Reporting

Detailed, actionable delivery insights.

Flexible Scheduling Options

Send messages immediately or schedule them.

GDPR Compliance and Data Security

Ensures top-tier data protection and privacy.

Unmatched Delivery Reliability

Ensuring Your Messages Reach Their Destination. Benefit from our robust infrastructure guaranteeing high uptime and consistent message delivery.

Tailored Customer Engagement

Personalised Communication at Scale. Leverage customisable content options to make every SMS interaction relevant and impactful.

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