Elevating Business Performance with Integrated Digital Solutions

Discover how our range of digital solutions, including SMS, Digital Wallet, and PPC advertising, can transform your business operations.

Elevate your business performance

Versatile Business Integration

Seamlessly integrate our digital solutions to enhance efficiency and innovation in your business operations across all sectors.

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Enhanced Communication

Facilitate seamless internal and external communication for business growth.

Quality Decision Support

Operational Agility

Adapt swiftly to market changes with flexible operational strategies.

Customer-Centric Approach

Customer Insight

Gain a deep understanding of customer needs for better service delivery.

Targeted campaigns

Targeted Marketing

Reach the right audience with precision marketing techniques.

Our Business Empowerment Strategy

Tailoring advanced digital solutions to foster innovation and efficiency, propelling businesses forward in diverse industries.

Dynamic Business Engagement

Dynamic Business Engagement

Adapting our digital tools to meet diverse business needs, ensuring responsive and effective customer engagement across sectors.

Bulk SMS services

SMS Services

Utilise SMS for efficient business communication, ensuring quick updates and alerts, vital for seamless operational coordination in any business sector.

Digital Wallet

Digital Wallet

Implement Digital Wallet to streamline financial transactions, enhancing payment processes for both customers and vendors in diverse business environments.

PPC advertising

PPC Advertising

Leverage PPC advertising to increase your business's online visibility, attracting a wider customer base and driving growth across industries.

An excellent partner

"We have worked with Text Management across multiple hospitality and leisure brands for many years. They have consistently executed our SMS, push and email strategy with precision and fast turnaround times. They have also contributed fresh and innovative ideas, allowing us to take a strategic, targeted approach. Their reports on campaign efficiency and ROI are extremely useful and actionable. The team are always on hand and goes above and beyond to assist us. Text Management is an excellent partner, and we're grateful for the value they add."

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Bringing ideas to life

"Text Management excels in swiftly resolving any issues that may arise as well as implementing processes to ensure the same issues do not occur again. They are dedicated to improving their services and working with their clients to bring ideas to life and help create clear customer communication."

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Innovative Business Solutions

Innovative Business Solutions

Maximise Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction with Specialised Retail Tools.



Our SMS API empowers businesses with fast, scalable messaging, ideal for diverse corporate communications, marketing campaigns, and operational alerts.

Net Promoter - NPS Feedback service

Net Promoter

Use Net Promoter to evaluate customer satisfaction and loyalty, essential for driving business growth and refining client services across sectors.

Services you'll love

Transformative solutions for businesses serious about growth.

Managed SMS Solutions

Effortless Engagement: How Managed SMS Elevates Your Customer Interaction. Data-Driven Decisions: Leveraging SMS Analytics for Business Growth.

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Digital Wallet

Elevate Your Marketing and collect customer data with Our Advanced Wallet Technology. Seamless Integration for Enhanced Customer Engagement.

Digital wallet, passes and offers

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