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Elevate Your Marketing and collect customer data with Our Advanced Wallet Technology. Seamless Integration for Enhanced Customer Engagement.

Enhance customer engagement with our Digital wallet

Advanced Digital Wallet Capabilities

Discover our advanced Digital Wallet, compatible with Apple & Android and offering location-based services for enhanced convenience. It's more than a wallet—it's an interactive platform for engaging customers and personalizing experiences. Our data capture feature collects six types of customer information, expanding as users share their wallet with others.

Apple Wallet Integration

Wallet Integration

Our Digital Wallet integrates seamlessly with iOS & Android based wallets, enabling users to conveniently store and manage various digital passes, from loyalty cards to tickets, all in one place.

Vast Reach

Vast Reach

With over 900,000 active wallet passes in circulation, our Digital Wallet solution demonstrates a broad reach and acceptance, making it a reliable choice for businesses.

One-Click Addition from Websites

One-Click Addition from Websites

Easy to add via: Social Media Links / Shortcode SMS / SMS / Email Link / QR Code.
Allowing consumers to effortlessly download and add your brand’s digital wallet, streamlining the process of offer adoption.

Guest Wi-Fi Offer Integration

Guest Wi-Fi Offer Integration

Utilise our unique Guest Wi-Fi feature to let customers add promotional passes to their Digital Wallet on-site, boosting engagement and brand reach.

Location-Based Engagement

Location-Based Engagement

Geolocation push notifications, enabling passes to appear on a customer’s lock screen when they are near predefined places thus driving foot traffic and increasing engagement.

Customisation and Interactive Content

Wallet Sharing

Customers can share the pass with family and friends easily boosting reach and loyalty.

Simplified Offer Redemption-Digital Wallet

Simplified Offer Redemption

Make offer redemption effortless for your customers. With our Digital Wallet, your promotions are easily accessible and redeemable with just a tap, increasing the likelihood of customer engagement and repeated use. Try it for yourself!

Add to Apple Wallet    Add to Google Wallet

Enhanced Customer Loyalty

Our Digital Wallet not only stores loyalty cards but also actively encourages repeat business. By simplifying loyalty program participation and enabling sharing with friends and family, it helps in fostering deeper connections with your customers, turning occasional visitors into loyal patrons.

Enhanced Customer Loyalty with Digital wallet
Real-Time Customer Interaction via Digital Wallet

Real-Time Customer Interaction

Utilise our Digital Wallet’s geolocation push notification feature to engage customers when they’re most receptive. Deliver timely offers and information right to their lock screens, enhancing relevance and driving higher engagement rates.

Transformed the way we engage...

"I am thrilled to share my positive experience with Text Management Ltd. Their innovative solutions have truly transformed the way we engage with our customers. The team at Text Management is dedicated, responsive, and committed to delivering excellence. We are grateful for their partnership and look forward to continued success together."


An excellent partner

"We have worked with Text Management across multiple hospitality and leisure brands for many years. They have consistently executed our SMS, push and email strategy with precision and fast turnaround times. They have also contributed fresh and innovative ideas, allowing us to take a strategic, targeted approach. Their reports on campaign efficiency and ROI are extremely useful and actionable. The team are always on hand and goes above and beyond to assist us. Text Management is an excellent partner, and we're grateful for the value they add."

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Got questions about our Digital Wallet services? Our FAQs section is here to help. Find quick answers to common queries and gain insights into how Digital Wallets can benefit your business.

Customers can store a wide range of passes, including loyalty cards, event tickets, public transport tickets, employee passes and more.

Our Digital Wallet seamlessly syncs with Apple or Android Wallets, allowing users to add and manage their passes easily on a wide range of devices.

Yes, customers can add offers to their Digital Wallet with just one click using the ‘ADD WALLET’ button available on your brand’s website.

Absolutely, our wallet can trigger push notifications based on the user’s location enhancing engagement and convenience. Pre-defined locations, including competitor’s locations can be used as notification triggers.

Yes, you can customise the wallet with interactive content like games and videos, making each interaction with your brand unique and engaging.

Yes! We offer wallet reporting. By Store breakdown of marketable customers and ‘New’ customers, breakdown of customer since last order date, previous weeks campaign sending summary & Out-out quantity.

Yes! The pass can be easily adapted to use as an Employee Rewards Pass app.

Specifications and features

Dive into the distinctive features of our Digital Wallet, designed for both ease of use and advanced functionality. Here are the key specifications that make our wallet solution a standout choice for businesses and users alike.

iOS & Android Wallet Integration

Seamless syncing with iOS & Android devices.

900,000+ Active Wallet Passes

Proven wide reach and usage.

One-Click Website Addition

Effortless wallet pass downloads.

Guest Wi-Fi Offer Integration

On-site promotional pass additions.

Geolocation Marketing Services

Location-triggered pass push notifications.

Customisable Content

Interactive games and videos in wallet.

User-Friendly Interface

Easy navigation and management.

Easy to share passes

Social media, SMS & email links, shortcode SMS and QR codes.

Know your customers

Collect six client details for personalised interactions.

Effortless Engagement and Convenience

Our Digital Wallet streamlines how customers interact with your brand, making it incredibly easy to access and use offers, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Maximising Promotional Impact

Leverage the power of geolocation and real-time data to deliver targeted marketing, gaining invaluable insights into customer preferences and behaviors for more effective campaign strategies.

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