Text Management provide SMS marketing & communication solutions; helping businesses reach their customers more effectively via SMS text messages. Our team of messaging experts offer a managed service to setup and deploy SMS Marketing campaigns, ensuring the written content, call to action & date/time of send is optimised to gain the best return on investment. We also offer innovative real-time communication solutions, ensuring direct customer interaction across the full custom service space.


In order to send SMS Marketing campaigns the first thing you need is customer mobile numbers. If you have an existing database of customers great, if not Text Management can provide you with the tools and knowledge to build an opt-in database.

Once you have acquired customer mobile data it is then securely sent to Text Management. Here our technical support team will format and cleanse the data removing invalid mobile numbers & duplicates.

Then it’s as simple as telling us when you’d like to send a campaign, to who and what message… it’s that easy!


  • Messages delivered instantly
  • High open rates
  • Unrivalled response rates
  • Reliable as mobiles are always connected to a network
  • Cost effective
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easy for customers to opt-in or opt-out
  • Increased sales & customer retention


Acquiring customer data is an essential starting point to any SMS Marketing strategy. Text Management provide the tools and advice needed. Whether data is captured at point of sale, online via your website, through the use of Short Code Keywords or our Data Collection Application.


To assist our clients capture more data, Text Management has built our very own Data Collection Application. Accessible from any web browser, mobile optimised and easy to use on most common tablet devices.

The application allows multiple user login’s, so data can be captured on more than one device, tracking the number of records collected per user. The data collection screen is branded to your company and requests the customer’s mobile telephone number, email address and a tick box for the customer to agree to your terms & conditions. In addition to this, once the data is captured an automated text can be sent back to the customer, confirming their opt-in to SMS Marketing, validating the mobile number and sending further details you wish to provide.

Short Code

Keywords on a shared short code are used widely across the press, media, TV, radio and advertising due to their ease of use. Simply advertise your keyword on any marketing literature, social media, your website or email marketing as another channel for customers to contact you. For example “To find out more about our special offers, Text OFFER to 61300”.

The main use for Short Code Keywords are:-

  • Growing an opt-in database
  • Hosting competitions
  • Data Capture
  • Call back requests

SMS Statistics

SMS Marketing has proven to be the most effective form of Direct Marketing. With messages delivered in a matter of seconds, opened in just a few minutes & the ability for customers to respond instantly; it’s easy to understand why. But don’t take our word for it, take a look at some of the statistics below.


The percentage of SMS messages
read within the first 5 seconds


The highest average response
rates for SMS marketing
(Direct Marketing Association)

0 seconds

The average time it takes to
respond to an SMS text, compared
to 90 minutes for email
(Direct Marketing Magazine)


Providing the highest quality of service has never been more important and SMS plays a vital role. Whether you’re sending SMS text notifications, reminders or confirmations, what easier and more cost effective way to deliver your message.

Text Management offers a fully integratable rest API to connect your everyday business application or website to automate the process of sending SMS text messages.

Customer satisfaction is key to any successful business, that’s why Text Management have developed our NPS Customer Survey (Net Promotor Score). Asking customers to rate your service via SMS text on a scale of 0-10 (0 being poor and 10 being excellent). The benefits of NPS Customer Surveys include: –

  • Instant responses in real time
  • Higher response rates compared to email
  • Easy to respond back to the customer
  • Increased retention rates
  • Lower customer complaints

About us

Formed in 2012, Text Management has quickly grown to provide SMS solutions to major clients in both the UK, and latterly world-wide.

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